Mailpost 107 WSA Mail Opening Machine

Letter opening machine

Mailpost 107 WSA letter opening machine

Product Description

Mailpost 107 WSA mail opening machine
An aspirator is a unit that catches all dust and trim to comply with the Health & Safety act.

The Mailpost 107 WSA mail opening machine is an operator friendly, easy to operate mail opening machine which is supplied with a robust worktop stand to be conveniently located within a post room or office, speeding up the mail opening process and removing the need for mail to be opened by hand to make your business more productive.

The Mailpost 107 WSA is a freestanding mail opening machine which uses milling technology to open your mail with precision to ensure that the contents of your mail are undamaged during mail opening. This freestanding mail opener is fitted with an aspirator unit which catches all the dust and trim during mail opening to comply with the Health and Safety At Work regulations.

This compact mail opening machine is ideal for use in a small post room or where space is restricted and can be conveniently located within the office due to it’s stand.

The Mailpost 107 WSA mail opening machine is manufactured in England and is fully compliant with CE regulations 39/392, 73/23 and 89/336.
The main features of the Mailpost 107 WSA are:

  • Opens mail by milling – 0.20mm – 2.00mm chips width
  • Handles all sizes of envelopes up to 7mm thick
  • Large catchment that can accommodate all sizes of envelopes
  • 3 belt feed for greater accuracy when opening large envelopes
  • Buzzer sounds and automatically stops when trim tray is full. (Plus catch tray)
  • Opens one side of envelope without trim (chadless)
  • Noise levels when in operation 65db
  • Resettable counter

The Mailpost MP107 DT mail opening machine specifications:

  • Speed – 4DL or #10 per second
  • Small Footprint only 520mm x 480mm x 460mm
  • Weight 25kg
  • Power 230v X 1PH/50HZ or 110V/1PH/60HZ
  • Sound output is only 65b
  • Colour – grey and off white

The Mailpost 107 WSA mail opening machine is also available without counter and is again, ideal for a small post room and is also available without a stand as desktop option.

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